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Computer repair

  来年は、創業20周年になります。(since 2003年)

パソコン修理 パソコン修理に必要な物 マスコミ取材 プロフィール

データ復旧 パソコン初期化・リカバリ 液晶(LCD)修理 キーボード交換

ハードディスク交換 メモリー増設 パソコンが起動しない ウィルス駆除

パソコン重い ネット接続 データ移行 データバックアップ

パソコン廃棄 Cドライブ空き領域不足 パソコン販売 パソコン修理事例

パソコン修理・申込フロー パソコン修理費用 お客様の声 よくある問合せ

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Computer repair Your welcome

You who suddenly breaks personal computer and is surprised
Surroundings evaluate the effort of you who confronts the net retrieval concerning
the personal computer repair from another personal computer.
To the personal computer repair of pcQ援隊
Your welcome!

The problem of your personal computer repair has already been achieved 97%.
The remainder 3% only orders the personal computer repair.
personal computer repair
Area information on personal computer repair
The personal computer repair is visited to home and the office when living in
the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture and the northern part of Chiba Prefecture.

Please send the personal computer that repairs by the takkyubin (home delivery
service) when living besides the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture
and the northern part of Chiba Prefecture.

24 hours Personal computer repair registration of an answering machine
 FAX 029-878-3956
 TEL 029-878-3953
 note>The telephone acceptance : until 9:30AM-7:00PM.

Guide of personal computer repair

Free check of personal computer before it repairs!
Note:A free check of the personal computer is a limitation to the first one time.

Where of the personal computer broke?
What repair is necessary?
The repair cost is how much.
We will answer your such doubt in a free check.

The repair cancellation is safe because it is free.
Even if the personal computer repair is canceled after a free check,
it doesn't cost cost at all.

Personal computer repair cost
Usual personal computer repair cost lists a lot of repair unit prices.
However, which unit price is applied to your personal computer repair,
and the total amount of money some of the repair nor you understand.
"Personal computer repair cost plan for everyone to understand easily"
was prepared.

The repair price is 8,000 yen when the time required to repair is within one hour.
Even if hours how many another are required when one hour is exceeded,
the repair price is 15,000 yen.
However, part fee necessary for the repair is separately claimed.

Personal computer repair period
Home and the office are visited and the work within one hour is completed
in the locale.
The personal computer is taken home to the repair plant and work
that it takes one hour or more is repaired.
It is a standard to be going to do the repair delivery of goods
at the two days later when keeping it today.

Personal computer data restoration, shift, and preservation
When Windows doesn't start and the power supply doesn't enter,
the personal computer data restoration, it shifts, and it preserves it.
If necessary material can be offered, E-mail, the Internet, the setting of the printer
and the installation of software are supported.

Rental of alternative personal computer in charge
An alternative machine is lent out to the applicant in charge
for the period of the personal computer repair.
An alternative machine is a notebook computer,
a main body of a desktop personal computer, and a monitor, etc.
OS of the lending machine is Windows2000 or WindowsXP.
Typical software is pre-installed to an alternative machine.
The E-mail Internet access etc. are set to an alternative machine when hoped.

Area where it visits and personal computer is repaired

Area where visit additional charge is not claimed
- Ibaraki Prefecture area
Tsukuba, Tsuchiura, Ushiku, Ryugasaki, Inashiki City
Toride, Moriya, Tsukubamirai, Zyousou city
Ami, Kawauchi, Tone Town, and Miho Village

Area where visit additional charge (3,000 yen) is claimed
- Ibaraki Prefecture area
Bandou, Koga, Yuki, Shimotsuma City
Chikusai, Sakuragawa, Ishioka, Kasama, Namegata city
Omitama, Hokota, small Bitama city, Kashima city
Ibaraki, Sakai, Goka, Yachiyo Town

- Chiba Prefecture northern part area
Noda, Nagareyama, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Abiko City
Inzai, Shirai, Narita, Katori City

Personal computer repair by takkyubin(Japan limitation)

I introduce thetakkyubin(home delivery service)
that comes to home and is packed in a giving home door.
I am sorry, it is a guide in Japanese.


<Address of personal computer that repairs>
〒300-1236 Ibaraki Prefecture Ushiku City Taguu Cyou 54-3
Tel 029-878-3953

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